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We schedule sessions in California, Washington, Hawai‘i, New York and other locations globally. Please review our About QHHT before contacting the practitioner of your choice:

Scheduling sessions in Hawai‘i.

Evelyn Hope Zepernick’s professional foundations were conceived in clinical psychology, art therapy, vipassana meditation, kundalini yoga, stone sculpting, crystal energy attunements, and mystic intuitive counseling. Her lineage is life. Her guru is every equilibris sacred mirror that crosses her path.  Pushing the growing edge of our collective consciousness and accelerating the human potential are what drive Eve. Neutralizing polarized mental perceptions and riding the rhythm of stillpoint in meditation, have a ring that keeps calling her hOMe. She enjoys helping others to open the gates of their belief structures and thought forms, to merge with the infinite, to exercise their inherent ability to travel and explore through multidimensional realties and to converse with all manner of being out of time. Extrasensory perceptions are a given in the human design.  Encouraging others to access them is liberating for us all.  We incarnated in matter to learn how to play this human instrument in harmony with each other, as a symphony of Source creativity.  Eve is a Universal Communications Catalyst, Quantum Timeline Release and Reality Creator, TogetherWExpand team member, retreat organizer, and a Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique practitioner.

  • Cornell University, Ithaca, NY, BA
  • College of Notre Dame, SF, CA, MA Clinical Psychology and Art Therapy
  • Professional Stone sculptor
  • Kundalini yoga meditation teacher
  • Crystal light worker
  • Mystic Designs Jewelry creator
  • Spiritual channel/consultant
  • Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) practitioner

Currently scheduling sessions in Hawaiʻi.

Aloha! My name is Kealapono and I’m on a spiritual quest to understand the nature of our world and what it means to practice the art of balancing. I work with people, with families, their homes and animals. I work with nature and planet Earth. Understanding its movements and how we can best respond accordingly.

During my undergraduate studies at the University of Washington, I spent time learning Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), Zen meditation, and Yoga. This experience opened me to the worldview of interconnectedness through mindfulness, and I began exploring practices around health and wellness, spirituality and mysticism, and regenerative community farming.

While exploring the spiritual and healing arts I started practicing QHHT, a method of Hāʻupuʻupu, or deep remembering and connection with one’s wise mind, their core essence. This technique enabled me to begin connecting with a greater level of consciousness. A superconsciouss, within every person.

It’s led me to believe that best way to know,—is to experiment. Try something out and see how it goes, share it with one another. That’s how we ended up where we are today.

We have been experimenting.

So in knowing that, what is your part in the experiment?

It’s what I’m looking to find out too. Awaking the true potential that lies within.

Find out why you’re here and what to do about it!

I believe we are all channels of divine expression and our most important work is to live our joy. Every soul’s experience is of value, a unique form of expression within the all. Everything that you touch, experience, produce or create in your lifetime is an expression of your soul, and a valuable contribution to universal intelligence.

My life’s work as an energetic channel includes a vast array of creative expression through art and design from conception of an idea through the mechanics of realizing its physical reality. From tall buildings to small objects, the process of creating with integrity and balance is what I value most.

Currently my personal interests are focused on the song of the soul both literally and metaphysically. Whether it is singing my song or holding space for another to find their own, both are of equal importance, and both brought me to the practice of QHHT.

In QHHT your higher consciousness directs you to explore multidimensional and abstract phenomena that your conscious mind may not fully understand. Through heart centered integration, pathways of awareness can be created connecting your conscious mind with the collective intelligence of your soul-self or higher consciousness. This awareness enables you to realize capabilities and talents beyond what your conscious mind can imagine. This is where “I can’t” becomes “I can”.

Using QHHT to tap your own divine wisdom provides a fascinating journey for those interested in exploration. It would be an honor and my pleasure to assist in your journey towards expanded perspectives and realizing the joy of living your creative expression.

Explore, express and enjoy!

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Kealapono Richardson

Eve Zepernick


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